1) Land Transfer taxes - Click here for details. Learn about how you may qualify for land transfer tax rebates! This includes a land transfer tax ('LTT') calculator that computes the added tax cost of purchasing a resale home after any applicable rebates. Note that the calculation differs somewhat for a 'newly constructed home'.

2) HST - Particularly useful for anyone considering buying either a pre-construction home/condo (or newly constructed home/condo) OR a substantially renovated home. Click here.

3) RSP Home Buyers Plan - Read about how to withdraw funds from your RSP to buy a home/condo by clicking here.

4) Home Buyer Tax Credit - Read about a tax credit you may qualify for as a first time buyer of a home/condo. Click here.

5) Capital Gains - Click here to read about when the sale of your home or the renting of your residential property may trigger a tax liability.

6) Buying your home from a Non-Resident - Did you know that as a buyer, you can face a tax liability by buying from a non-resident? How would you know if the seller is a non-resident? Click here.